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The advantages
The advantages


Meticulous selection of materials at aesthetic level and building systems used to construct a building should be object of great attention by the designer. The construction, operation and maintenance costs associated with each technical solution must be exhaustively analysed in order to optimize building profitability.​

The choice of high-quality materials it is, in a long-term basis, a beneficial choice, economically speaking. The functionality and durability of the materials, the energy saving obtained due to their great combination, and the thermal comfort are a few good reasons linked to this option.​

There are plenty of Skinzip system advantages and they are easily identifiable. With this information, Skinzip aims to clarify about its products operation and their respective advantages. However, consultancy of technical services should not be neglected.

The Advantages

The Advantages
of the Skinzip standing seam system

The advantages of the Skinzip system are numerous not only for its aesthetic characteristics, extraordinary as well as for the great quality of materials and finishes in respective coatings and accessories. We highlight some more characteristics that justify the preference in the application of this versatile system.

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